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When you add your flights at FlyPal® provides you all the available information, including terminal and boarding gates and any kind of incident.

If the incident converts on a cancellation, delay, missed connecting flight, overbooking or downgrade, FlyPal® will provide your real-time options according with your European Union rights, including alternative flights with available seats to your destination and your economic compensations.

If the airline does not meet the option you choose, you can report inmediatly or when you consider the law infrigement to the European Union Authorities responsible to care about passengers and choose which professionals you want to claim and send to you the compensations.


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  • Why do I have the options that FlyPal® provides me? +

    Since 2005, all European flights and airlines have to respect the European Union Regulation 261/2004, of 11 February 2004, which establishes the passengers rights.

    If the Regulation is not applicable to your case, FlyPal® will inform you.
  • Do all flight passengers have the same options regarding a breach of service? +

    No. Each passenger has different options depending on the characteristics of your trip. FlyPal® will provide you with your specific options in real-time.
  • Whom should I ask to receive the options that FlyPal® provides me (re-routing flights, compensations, etc.) in case of a breach of service (delay, cancellation, etc.)? +

    You should ask the airline with whom you have a ticket (and therefore a contract) regardless of where you bought the ticket.

    In addition to your alternative travel options, FlyPal® provides you, in real-time with:

    • • A report with precise legal references so you can defend your rights against the airline if it does not give you your preferred option.
    • • If the airline insists in not giving you your preferred option, you can choose to communicate the airline infringement in real-time to the EU Protection Bodies for the Passenger Rights.
    • • If the airline infringement has economic effects, FlyPal® provides you with a list of claim companies that can help you, and if you select one, Flypal® will transmit them in real-time all the information of your travel and the details of the law infringement of the airline they need to assist you.
  • If the airline claims that the incident has been caused by extraordinary circumstances, should I not ask for compensation? +

    In extraordinary circumstances, airlines have no obligation to pay compensation.

    The European Legislation requires airlines to prove that the failure is truly an extraordinary circumstance. Therefore, if the airline says that extraordinary circumstances occurred, in any case do not hesitate to claim the options that FlyPal® presents you.

    FlyPal® will inform you if it considers a high probability that the incident was caused by an extraordinary circumstance.
  • If the airline offers me something different than my options, should I accept this? +

    Knowing your options will allow you to value in real-time your specific case, if what the airline offers you results to be attractive in comparison with what they should legally provide you.

    If you find attractive what the airline offers you and you accept it, you cannot ask after this for your corresponding options according to the regulation.